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  • The Infidelity Recovery Method® FOR COACHES

The Infidelity Recovery Method® FOR COACHES


A fusion of therapy, coaching, & consulting, learn this new and highly successful method for helping couples navigate affair recovery.


Self-Study Program

Learn to be an Infidelity Recovery Coach.

  • Learn the 7-Step Method Infidelity Recovery Method
  • Immediately download the 500 page training manual
  • A 12-Session Implementation Program
  • Access audio & video case study sessions
  • Tools & Worksheets to use with clients

On completion of this course, the professional will feel confident in treating all couples in affair recovery.

Course Description:

Helping a couple through the process of affair recovery is difficult. The 7-Step Infidelity Recovery Method helps alleviate this issue by offering the couple a 7- step “coaching style” program. The word “coaching” in itself, offers hope and a chance for improvement of both the individual, and the relationship. Hope and the “chance to complete all 7-Steps” keep the distressed couple in therapy for the programs duration, and therefore has a greater chance for the therapist to achieve the therapy & program goals.

Each step aims to answer and treat, specific affair related questions and personal injuries. At the same time, the couple is provided skill base training in many areas, so to change the conditions of current relationship environment. By providing the individual the skills they need to have a positive and loving relationship during the affair recovery process – the individual is able to feel hope for a more loving and emotionally connected future relationship.

The course offers an understanding into seven specific types of affairs, and how your treatment program should differ based on the type of affair.

The course also offers a suggested 12-Session Affair Recovery Program to help the therapist implement the 7-step infidelity recovery method into their current practice.

On completion of this course, the professional will feel confident in treating all couples in affair recovery.

The 7 Affair Types

Course Content:

  • Introduction
    • Overview
      • The 7 Step Model
      • The 7 Types of Affairs
    • Coaching/Therapy/Consulting
    • Background of 7-Step Method
  • The 7-Step Infidelity Recovery Model 
    • Intake
    • The 7 Steps 
      • Commitment
      • Affair Story
      • Personal healing
      • Sex & Intimacy
      • Emotional Needs
      • Forgiveness
      • Moving Forward
    • The 7 Types of Affairs 
      • Review of each affair Type
        • One Night Stand
        • Avoidance Affairs
          • Conflict avoidance
          • Sexual avoidance
        • Philanderer
        • Entitlement Affairs
        • Exit Affairs
        • Split Self Affairs
        • Sexual Addiction Affairs
      • Comparisons
      • Modifying the treatment program to affair type
    • Implementation
      • Pulling it all together
        • Sales & Marketing Funnel
      • Suggested 12 session program
      • Selling the model as a program
    • Your Coaching Business
      • Setting up your own practice
      • Website considerations
    • Wrapping Up
      • Tools & Resources


Additional Techniques & Methods taught in this course

  • Monologues
  • Marriage expectations
  • Communication –
    • Gottman’s – 4 Horsemen
    • Gary Smalley – Breaking the argument cycle
  • Conflict
  • Relationship Love Maps/Quizzes
  • Intimacy
  • Trust
  • Relationship Moving Forward Contract
    • Money
    • Genogram
  • Coach Specific personal improvement
    • Pre session personal preparation
    • Intake Checklist for coaches

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After you purchase this certification course, you will receive immediate access to the 500 Page Course Workbook.

You will be emailed with your access passwords to the video training library, & the additional 100+ tools and templates you can use in your own practice.

Once you complete the course content, you will have a 1 hour conversation to review case studies.

Upon completion of required components, you will be listed as a Certified Infidelity Recovery Coach.

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