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  • I Cheated: Affair Recovery Advice For When You Have Been Unfaithful

I Cheated: Affair Recovery Advice For When You Have Been Unfaithful

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About the Author

About Savannah Savannah is the founder of the Infidelity Recovery Institute. IRI provides coaching, training and certification programs to coaches, therapists, counselors, and clergy. The training programs include: The 7 Step Infidelity Recovery Method Certification Program; Life Coaching Certification; Prepare Enrich Certification; The 6-Figure Coaching Business. Savannah has authored two books, “Reboot your Relationship”, and “I Cheated: Affair Recovery Guide for the Unfaithful Partner” Savannah is a regular guest on various radio and television shows in Las Vegas & L.A. Savannah is regularly featured and interviewed in magazines, Elle Magazine, May 2014 Savannah holds Psychology degrees from Monash University, Australia: Bachelor Behavioral Science (BBSc), and post graduate degrees in Clinical Psychology.


Just to admit those words to yourself will flood you with overwhelming emotions. “I Cheated” will inform and educate you on the fastest path to affair recovery. There is no such thing as a “quick fix” when it comes to cheating. The wrong advice or ignoring the facts is far worse.

Savannah Ellis, is the founder of the Infidelity Recovery Institute, and an international infidelity recovery specialist. Savannah coaches clients at her clinics in both Las Vegas and L.A, and has many Skype clients from around the world. Her clients affairs range from emotional affairs to multiple sex partners. Her books include “Reboot your Relationship: Restoring Love through Real Communication in a Disconnected World” and “Betrayal: The 7 Steps to Affair Recovery”.

Here is what you can expect to learn:
– How to avoid the typical recovery mistakes
– How to classify your affair type
– How to apologize
– How to communicate openly and honesty
– How to ask for what you truly desire
– Your own needs and those of your partner
– Why the affair happened.
– You can learn why your personality type betrays you
– Learn how you are carrying your past patterns into your current relationship
– Learn the rules to fair fighting
– Write your new contract for a renewed sex life
– A 21 Day plan to guarantee a new relationship
PLUS…How to stay committed

If you have cheated on your spouse or have even thought about it, you need to read this book.

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