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How to Survive an Affair

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This complete system will give you all the tools you need to survive infidelity. I have been helping couples fix their broken marriages for over 35 years and I have put together this program for you to apply to your own life to get your relationship back on track.


A Step-by-Step System For Saving Your Relationship After It’s Been Shattered By An Affair


To repair your relationship you need to follow a sequence. I call it a sequence because healing your relationship is about building on success after success. As a matter of fact, that is how I came up with my system.

After spending years watching couples go back and forth, I started to see patterns (certain methods that worked to bring a couple closer together).

Over time, I started writing down what worked, and I continued testing these patterns until they became rules.

This is what makes my information different than many of the infidelity books on the market. While there are many good books that offer great information for understanding how you feel, they do not carefully organize that information into phases that help you, your partner, and then both of you work things out.

They simply expect you to figure it out with trial and error. That’s why books don’t heal marriages. But systems do.

“…you give a true road map and plan on how to deal with this situation.”

“I have looked at a lot of books in the bookstores, but I find that they are too theoretical. You get right to the meat of the whole thing… you don’t have to read a bunch of preliminary stuff. When you are in this situation, you want to get right to the point and you have. Well done!

“I think you give a true road map and plan on how to deal with this situation. I think most people, after they get over the shock, still want to save their marriage, but they need to know how to go about it.”

Wayne Hansen
Vancouver, BC, Canada

That is why I spent that last 18 months organizing all of my methods and documenting them into a step-by-step system that you can use to restore yourself and then rebuild your relationship.

In order to repair the trust, you will work through three phases. Each phase corresponds directly to a specific part of the healing process.

Phase I: Individual Healing – Understanding Personal Feelings and Sorting through Emotions

  • Take control of the paralyzing emotions.
  • Regain your sense of stability and get rid of the images.
  • Eliminate the paranoia and restore your self-confidence.
  • Cut-off the affair and move back to your spouse.
  • Replace the lies with truth and start over.
  • Understand why the affair happened.
  • Uncover what was missing and how to add it.

Phase II: Healing As a Couple – Working Together to Identify and Resolve Key Issues

  • Accelerate the healing process: Protect your relationship from further harm.
  • Discover how to talk about the details.
  • Transform your relationship with a heart-felt apology.
  • Generate new honest communication.
  • Ignite a renewed life-long commitment.
  • Capture peace of mind with true forgiveness.

Phase III: Negotiating a Renewed Relationship – Understanding How to Rebuild and Sustain a New Trust-filled Partnership

  • Eliminate the suspicion with complete transparency.
  • Restore your sex life without haunting visions.
  • Affair-proof your marriage for life.
  • Develop lasting safety, honesty and intimacy.
  • Accept the past without being tormented



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