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How To Forgive: An Audio Self-Help Book


The key to learning how to forgive, and work through the past is to have a process.  Dr. Frank Gunzburg has come up with a step-by-step system to help you forgive your spouse, or gain forgiveness from your spouse.


How to Forgive and Work Through the PastLearn how to forgive and work through the past with this special audio-only self help book to help heal your marriage. Get step-by-step methods to learn techniques to achieve true forgiveness.

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Forgive and Be Forgiven

This step-by-step solution demonstrates how to forgive your spouse and how to be forgiven. It provides realistic and practical solutions that you can use every day.
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How to Forgive and Work Through the Past

The way things are right now, you feel like you will never be able to forgive your partner for their cheating. Betrayal of such a close bond really rocks the average person to their core, and brings on a tidal wave of other emotions you are forced to process:

  • Anger
  • Despair
  • Grief
  • Shame
  • Horribly Damaged Self-Esteem
  • It even has the ability to make you question everything you thought you knew in your life

After counseling couples for over 30 years, learning how to forgive and work through the issues of the past has become a big topic for me. It’s the focus for most of my couples in counseling.

As a matter of fact I just surveyed my newsletter list (with 65,000 active subscribers) and 23.9% said that they wanted a step-by-step solution for learning how to forgive their spouse (and how to be forgiven).

That’s why I spent the last 4 months outlining a program that identifies how you and your partner can learn to forgive and work through the issues of the past.

There are three major components to my system.

how to forgive after an affairModule 1: How to Forgive and Work Through the Past

In the first module you will:

  • Learn how to process the anger and resentment that has been disrupting your inner calm
  • Learn how to get your spouse to see things from your point of view without resorting to underhanded tactics
    • Dr. Gunzburg has a 5 step process that will help you and your spouse start communicating again
  • Learn to tell your spouse what he or she did wrong without backing them into a corner, and causing them to get defensive
  • Learn how to get through to your spouse even if he or she has put up a wall, and totally shut down.
  • Learn to break free of the images burned in your head
  • Learn how to stop obsessing over the past actions of your spouse
  • Learn how to encourage your spouse to reopen the lines of communication


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Module 2: Forgiveness: Where Do We Go From Here?

Now that you have calmed some of the internal noise while going through the first module you are ready to start working on forgiveness.

In module 2, you will:

  • Learn to forgive and move forward. Even if you think its impossible.
  • Learn to get the images out of your head once and for all
  • Learn to stop obsessing over his or her affair
  • Learn to know if the affair is truly over
  • Learn to tell if your spouse is telling you the truth
  • Learn to overcome the pain and betrayal you are currently feeling
  • Learn to heal, and move forward with your relationship

In the main course of How to Forgive and Work Through the Past, Dr. Gunzburg teaches you the 5 fundamental forgiveness principals.

After you understand the main principals you will be able to easily personalize them to your situation, and use them to work through the issues in your relationship.


forgivessness afer affairModule 3: How to Walk In Daily Forgiveness Without Being Tormented

Module 3 helps give you the steps to personalize the system to your own personal situation.

Personalizing the system is the key to empowering yourself to take charge and address your issues rather than sitting back feeling helpless.

As you work to familiarize yourself with the techniques, and work through the exercises in module 3, your spouse’s actions will move from primarily occupying space in the front of your mind to a small corner in the back of your mind.

Over time your emotions will begin to fade, and the torment you are currently feeling will eventually dissipate.

Dr. Frank Gunzburg

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