I can help you calm your emotional storm and give you the insight you need to start acknowledging the full impact of the betrayal and how to move forward after infidelity.

The foundation to your relationship has been broken. All the security you had in your partner and relationship have been stolen. You are overwhelmed with the thoughts and ‘What do I do now?”

Together we will answer these questions and find the right solutions for you

A failed relationship due to the devastation of an affair is one of the biggest traumas a person can face. With the help of a certified Infidelity Recovery Specialist, you can move though the pain and recover.

Through learning about your affair type and specific emotional pain points, we will work together to make a real difference to your ability to heal and achieve purpose and meaning again, not just as a couple but you as a person.

When you work with me, you will find:

● An affair specialist that is suitable for both men and women

● A step-by- step recovery plan

● Your affair type and the path to its specific recovery

● The tools and support to recover emotionally, mentally and physically.

Affair recovery is difficult but staying in a place of affair trauma is paralysing.

Let me help you work through your recovery journey and get you back to a place of hope.

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