This is the first step in getting your life, relationship and happiness back.

The betrayal of an affair can leave you paralysed. The person who has committed infidelity can be filled with overpowering guilt, sadness and shame.

From here, you can take a series of steps in order to reclaim your life back and fight back through the pain.

Although every affair is different and many individuals are at different stages of their infidelity recovery journey, there are some overriding steps that can help you get where you need to be:

Initial discussion: Get in touch and book an initial appointment to discuss your story. This can be done via a face-to-face appointment or via video chat.

Discovery session: In our initial appointment we will discover exactly what you are struggling with and how we can help. We will discover your affair type and the overriding obstacles you are dealing with, whether it is pain, guilt, shame, anger or loneliness. From here, we will work out a plan of action and what next steps are right for your situation.

Take the 7-step recovery program: The 7-step infidelity recovery program is designed to change the conditions in the relationship environment, so by the end of the program, the couple is equipped with a new relationship skill set.

Follow-ups and post affair counselling: We will see how you have been using the tools you have learnt and how your affair recovery is tracking.

The pain of infidelity can be healed. It is about ensuring that you are taking the right steps and using the given tools in the program that are a catalyst for healing. Every ‘after affair life’ can be restored. It can be hard work, but together we can make it happen.

Get in touch with me today to see how we can help your infidelity recovery journey.