Monogamy. It is term loaded with words such as assurance, trust, safety and security. But what happens when this “invisible contract” known as monogamy is broken?

Monogamy is essentially a mutual agreement or belief that both people in a relationship will be sexually exclusive to each other for their entire relationship.
Howeveren a betrayal then takes place, the after pain normally comes from more than just the sexual act itself. That is why emotional affairs are also just as painful due to the fact that the “trust” has been broken.

At the end of the day, “monogamy” in a relationship isn’t just a “given”.

Yes, we need to trust our partner. Yes, we need to be able to rely on the fact that our relationships are strong enough to resist temptation. However, many times affairs happen when this exact mindset exists.

In order to remain monogamous, we must first understand what it is that challenges monogamy and what creates relationships.

Here are some key factors that challenge and/or are important factors when it comes to monogamy:

● Commitment issues take place on two levels – 1) an individual level 2) relationship level

● There are key factors that are involved when it comes to monogamy; intimacy, beliefs, friendship and attachment style.

● We learn many lessons in childhood in regards to how to suppress, protect and diffuse.

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