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You’re in a raw, emotional space filled with a lot of hurt, anger and shame. And you’re wondering if your relationship can ever be normal again; and equally important,how long will it take before your heart heals?

The answer to the first question is, yes. It’s possible for your relationship to recover from infidelity. Even though it’s hard to believe at the moment, it can even thrive. Getting to this new place isn’t easy, but you’ve taken the first important step: deciding to stay despite everything. Know that with commitment, an understanding of your affair type, and following the right recovery steps, your relationship can be saved.

How long before your heart heals?
Although it’s estimated that 40% of couples experience infidelity, each person’s (and couple’s) journey is their own. Openness and a willingness to understand each other plays a big role in how successful each couple is at rebuilding. There’s no one size fits all. But the one thing that’s true for all couples struggling to find their footing again is this: caring, empathetic, non-judgmental help from a trained professional can make all the difference.

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Hello. My name is Renelle and I’m here to help you get through the heart-wrenching struggles you’re facing. I am a certified infidelity recovery coach and I’ve worked with hundreds of couples and individuals going through what you’re facing right now. But even more, I’ve been where you are. So I understand what it’s like to try to heal a relationship alone. I know what it’s like to have family and friends weigh in with their opinions. And how overwhelming and confusing it all feels.

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Whether you eventually decide to stay in your relationship or move on, your chances of individual and/or relationship recovery are significantly greater when you have the right support and tools. I’m here to help you. Schedule a call with me today. 

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Understanding your affair type can shed light on the best action to take towards recovery.

After finishing the quiz, schedule your call with me so we can discuss what’s next.

” I was on an emotional rollercoaster and didn’t know what to do. From the consultation to our first session, Ms. Renelle provided us with theeducation and space to assist us in our crisis. Her nonjudgemental approachand knowledge assisted us with the guidance and steps we needed. We have a long road ahead of us ,but we have hope now.

B.R and R.R Chandler, AzInfidelity recovery coaching

” Renelle is the truth! I gave up on love , after I found out about my girlfriend’s affair. Renelle assisted me with seeing what the affair said to me about myself and my unhealed truama . We created goals that helped me heal and forgive myself. I no longer feel things are all my fault. I am learning to trust myself again. Coachingwas one of the best investment I could have ever made for myself .

E.W Milwaukee, WIIndividual infidelity recovery coaching

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